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Third Try Hat and Mitts by Ann McClure
New Spring Leave Crochet Shawl by Claudette Brady
Explosion de couleurs by Luciana Botto
Juniper by Pam Sluter
Amber Sunset Poncho Vest by Thea Koss
Amigurumi - Foulard Shawl
Amigurumi - Snails
Amigurumi - Foulard Scarf Crochet
Amigurumi - Foulard Scarf
Amigurumi - Caterpillars
Amigurumi - From Russia to Bethlehem
Amigurumi - Halloween Gang
Amigurumi - Eastern Bunting
Amigurumi - Crochet Bookmarks
Colleri by Luciana Botto
Chunky Cable Infinity Scarf by Laura Seekatz
Entrelac Headband by Sharon Bedford
Chunky Broken Rib Hat by Jessica Ays
Odessa Shawl by Andi Javori
Camargue shawl by Sylvie Damey
Fox Scoodie
Bear Scoodie
Owl Scoodie
Dolphin Scoodie
Frog Scoodie
Bunny Baby Comforter
Duck Baby Comforter
Aspen Cowl by Andi Javori
Copious Cables Scarf by Sue Fischer
Smith Mountain Hat by Jennifer Brou
Chelsea Necklace by Andi Javori
Snugabug Jackets
Della Shawl by Andi Javori
Boreal coat Sylvie Damey
Dancing Marguerites shawl by Sylvie Damey
Disco beret by Sylvie Dame
Alexi Tank Top by Andi Javori
Bria Cowl by Andi Javori
Millefiori Jacket by Vanessa Ewing
G0181 + G0179 - Cushions
Fano Hair Winter Ensemble by Doreen Marquart
Curly Scarf
Ziggy Jacket by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
Star & Heart Blanket & Cushion Sets
Doodles Cardigan & Bolero
Blubell by Thea Koss
Dos Volantes by Thea Koss
Guildenstern by Cory Ellen Boberg indie.knits
Flopsy Hat & Blanket
Big Freakin Scarf
Nozima Tunic
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'Tennen - Nozomi Tunic'
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