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Our Story
A brief introduction
Knitting Fever Inc. (KFI) had its humble beginnings in 1974 when Sion Elalouf opened his first needlepoint and knitting store in Great Neck, New York. He was inspired by the beautiful and exotic nature of European and Japanese yarns and by the talented textile artists he met.
In the early 1980s KFI gave up the retail business to focus on bringing these specialty yarns and fabulous designers to retailers across the USA. Over the past four decades KFI has supplied the nation with the highest quality yarn lines supported by the greatest designers the industry has seen to date.
As a company, we now employ lessons learned as a retailer in service to our customers. This insight allows us to provide top quality and value in the most beautiful and interesting yarn and designs available today.
With the growing influence of the internet bringing the world closer together than ever before, Knitting Fever has expanded to become an International distributor. Starting in Canada, we have since expanded to service many countries across the continents. Please visit our store locator to find a shop near you that stocks our products - or ask your favorite local yarn shop to open an account with us today!
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