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Our philosophy on privacy & simplicity
It can be pretty scary out there!
The internet is becoming an increasingly challenging environment to navigate safely. Between massive data breaches, email phishing scams, and other troubling security & privacy incidents in the last few years, it's more than likely that we've ALL been impacted in one way or another - whether we know it or not.
And while large institutions and social networks have gotten their fair share of scrutiny for neglecting to protect their users, the buck should not stop there. Every organization - no matter how small - should take a look at itself, its technology, and its network to determine the necessary measures it needs to take to protect the privacy and security of their relationships.
For our part, our philosophy is pretty simple:
We're yarn people, running a yarn company that helps to serve more than a thousand local yarn communities around the world. We are no more than that (but certainly no less!). So to do our best in service to our goal, we don't need to track your personal activity across our website. Nor do we want to unwittingly help shadowy third-parties to do the same. And we certainly don't want to expose your clicks, searches, or interests to unscrupulous, data-harvesting agencies for advertising revenue or any other purpose.
All we want to do is show you our great products and connect you directly to your local yarn shops and to each other. The extent to which you want to share your information and stay connected to us is totally up to you, totally transparent, and way, way, way above board! The bottom line is that we want you to Browse Happy!
So we've taken action!
Unlike an estimated 77% (or more) of sites out there, we no longer serve any third-party analytics cookies, social media "pixels", or other intrusive, fingerprinting web technologies from our domain. And you certainly won't find any third party advertising technology. We've gone to great lengths to provide a simple, clean, and safe place on the web for our yarns, customers, and visitors to coexist.
Additionally, we feel that transparency is an essential part of creating trusted relationships. We want you to know of and understand even the most mundane technical aspects of our operation as they relate to you as a visitor to this public website. Along those lines we would like to describe the extent of our browser cookie usage. While we do not EVER use any cookies to track your personal activity, we do use a few very simple browser cookies to help with the basic functions of our website interfaces.
For example, if you were to visit a yarn page on this site and change the default sorting order for the color swatches from "newest first" to "sort by color number", we would store this preference in a cookie in your browser to persist your sorting preference to the next yarn page you visit. If we didn't store this interface preference (and other functional display preferences like it) in a cookie, a visitor would have to re-sort the color swatches to their liking on every page, every time, over and over again with each new page view. The functional cookies that we use on this site contain absolutely no personally identifiable information and are not accessible by anyone other than our website and your browser.
Similarly, if you are a wholesale customer of ours or have otherwise registered and logged in to any of our backend "portals", we will set a cookie in your browser that will "remember you" for a short time while you are logged in. This cookie does nothing more than prevent you from needing to login repeatedly across multiple sessions. It is not used for anything else.
Finally, we are currently leveraging Ravelry's "plug-and-play" PDF pattern cart to connect you to professional and community-sourced (Indie!) patterns from Ravelry's extensive, user-created library. The process of adding PDFs to your cart, "checking out", paying for, and then receiving your PDFs is handled entirely offsite by Ravelry and their applications. We do not monitor your Ravelry cart selections, Ravelry purchases, or other Ravelry activity.
If it hasn't been demonstrated already, let it be known that we genuinely care about your privacy and are making great efforts to provide a simple and safe place on the web.

Also, if you are interested in reading through the "legalese" privacy policy which covers the use of this website and other aspects of our operation, please see the Privacy Policy section within our Terms of Service.

If you have any further questions about data retention, privacy measures, or other web technologies employed on this website, please drop us a line at
Browse Happy    While we do use cookies for basic interface functionality, we are please to inform you that we do not use any tracking cookies and we do not use any third-party analytics providers whatsoever. Read more about our privacy & cookie policies...