“03 - Striped Shrug”
Design by Irina Poludnenko using Noro Silk Garden Lite #2012 and #2038

photos on pg 29, instructions on page 69 Updated: 07Jun2012

The Garter Stripe Pattern using both A and B was omitted.

1. Add the following to the instructions, between NOTES and SHRUG-

Garter Stripe Pattern Knit 1 rnd A, purl 1 rnd A. Knit 1 rnd B, purl 1 rnd B. Rep these 4 rnds for Garter Stripe Pat.

2. Include the underlined sentence as follows:

Shrug With A, cast on 226 (242, 266, 278, 294) sts. Join, taking care not to twists sts, and divide evenly on circular needles. Place marker (pm) for beg of rnd and sl this marker (sm) every rnd.Work in Garter Stripe Pattern as follows: Next rnd ..continue with pattern as written.