A design from K-JMF2
“Three-lace Cardigan”
X-Small (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large).
Page 25- Under “Body”
Note: When working Lace Pattern A, work to the last 5 stitches of the row, then work the first 5 stitches of Lace Pattern A.

-After you have finished Lace Pattern A (changes will be in green and bold):

Next row (RS) Knit (Row 1 of Lace Pattern C), decreasing 4 sts
evenly across row – 141 (161, 181, 201, 221, 241) sts.

Work Rows 2-14 of Lace Pattern C.

Next row (RS) Knit, increasing/decreasing -2 (+2, -0, -2, +2, +0) sts –
139 (163, 181, 199, 223, 241) sts.

Next row (WS) Purl.

Next row (RS) Work Row 1 of Lace Pattern B across row.

Work Rows 2-12 of Lace Pattern B. Rep Rows 1-12 of Lace Pattern B to end.

When 40 rows of Lace Pattern B have been worked, divide for Fronts and Back as follows…

Note: Same thing with the sleeves as with the body- reverse Lace
Patterns C and B. In other words, the order should be A, C, B.

Note: The titles of the charts for Lace Patterns B and C are reversed. In other words, if you compare the written instructions for Lace Pattern B, they correspond to the chart for C, and vice versa.

Page 26 – Under “Sleeves”
Please note that there is an “AT THE SAME TIME” note that refers
to something worked 3” in- please be sure to read ahead.