“Viola Tricolor Hat”
This hat depicts a colorwork motif of purple pansies and undulating ribbons against a light yellow background, with a golden brim and crown. The hat begins with a tubular cast-on, followed by 2 inches/5 cm of decorative eyelet ribbing with wavy columns that echo the curved lines of the stranded colorwork. The ribbon motifs are worked with two colors at a time, with short floats that are never long enough to require additional trapping. The pansy motifs feature rounds that require the use of all three contrast colors at the same time, in which the floats are trapped invisibly using the ladderback jacquard technique.

This pattern should be approachable for an adventurous beginner, but also complex enough to keep even the most advanced knitter engaged. The finished hat is a perfect accessory for any time of year that you wish to celebrate flowers with your knitting.
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