“Roomy Pullover”
This cozy sweater is worked in double crochet from side to side.

Materials: 2 (2, 2) balls of Noro Tsubame (#4CYC) 656 yards, 600m, 50 Silk 25 Wool, 25 Polyamide.
Hook: H 5mm, 1 Yarn bent tip needle, Closing markers.
Gauge: 14 Double crochets and 7 rows 4 inches, 10 cm
Sizing: 36 40 (44 52, 56 64) inches, 91.5 101.5 (111.75 386, 142 162.5) mm
Stitches and techniques: Chain (ch), Double Crochet (dc), Make a Double Crochet (mdc), Running seam stitch.
Making a DC at the end of a row:
With working yarn, y/o like you are making a dc, insert into same stitch as last dc. Pull through only 1. (New chain made)
Make the DC: y/o again and insert into chain you just made, pull through 2, y/o, pull through 2.
This sweater is a quick and very easy crochet pattern. It took me 3 days to make the pieces. I used Noro Tsubame for this one as I wanted to have a no think color changing project. It only takes 2 balls, but every bit of them for the largest size. Larger sizes can be achieved by wet blocking and pinning.