Cloudberry is a two-part pattern, a smaller scarf pattern that uses just one hank of the featured yarn, or the larger shawl pattern that uses two hanks of that same yarn. The interior panel is made with a 6-row repeat that allows for easy adjustment for the length. The gorgeous berry and mesh lace is bordered by double crochets which makes finishing a breeze.

The scarf is made on a short edge and you crochet until you have the desired length. The shawl has a bit of a twist 90 degrees actually. Work the shawl on the long edge this means more stitches on the row, but fewer rows to make. Changing the direction of the lace gives a different look, and more options to make our project unique.

Cloudberries are a type of berry that is native to the PNW. Also known as Salmonberry, I can remember seeing these all over the hiking trails in the northwestern part of Washington state. This pattern brought back some really cool memories of hiking with my children when they were younger.