“Be Kind by Diane Lynn Augustin”
Be Kind
Doesn't it seem like the world is always in a mad rush? Our to do lists are long, and our plates are full. We try our best to check off daily tasks and sometimes we get so harried that we forget about others we meet along the way, who are doing the same thing.

One small thing we can do to make life a little calmer and happier is simply Be Kind to each other. It's easy. Take a beat. Take a breath and extend kindness wherever we are. Purposefully taking a pause will feel better and the good that it'll do will be returned over and over. Life is all about choices and how we manage circumstances. Let's all choose to Be Kind.

From the cast on, this project named itself. Every time I worked on it, that's what I called it.
I love the gorgeous color blends and soft texture of Noro, Yukata. Did I say soft?! Yes, it's a silk /wool blend and it's so soft in your hands, and on your neck and shoulders.

The pattern is a meditative repeat of five different stitch patterns-- an easy social knitting project. Enjoy!