“Bumbles Hat & Mittens”
This design is featured in Patagonia + Hand Paints - Bumbles Hat & Mittens, a leaflet from Juniper Moon Farm, and uses Juniper Moon Farm yarn including Patagonia Organic Merino Hand Paints, and Patagonia Organic Merino
Please note the following changes to the Hat instructions:

Work rnds 1 to 48 from the chart. Cut yarn B. Continue working with yarn A.
Note: Decreases on Bumbles Chart round 48: Ssk, k14, k2tog: repeat from * 6 (7, 8) times—96 (112, 128) sts.
Set Up Rnds for Crown Decreasing: Ssk, p14, k2tog; rep from * 6, (7, 8) times—96 (112, 128) sts.
Set Up Rnd for Crown Decreasing: *SsK, P12, K2tog; repeat from * 6, (7, 8) times—84 (98, 112) sts.
Commence working ...
Updated Bumbles Hat chart
Please download the updated Hat chart.
Errata File