“Cloud Flare by Sati Glenn”
Wrap up in a cloud this summer when the AC reaches subzero with this delightful hug of a wrap. Cloud Flare utilizes the best of Juniper Moon Farms Cumulus: its light and fluffy texture is kitten soft, and the Mako Cotton is cool to the touch. The chainette structure of this yarn makes splitting a thing of the past. Your hook will love every minute of the making, and your shoulders will love every minute of the wearing. And hey, did you see how the Rainbow gradient shifts so gradually through the background of solid color? Splendid, isnt it?

Stitches: Ch, sc, dc, dc2tog over 3 chst (leaving the middle chst unworked)
Yarn: Worsted weight (#4) 720 yards, Juniper Moon Farms Cumulus and Cumulus Rainbow
Color 1 (solid) 450 yards, Color 2 (rainbow) 230 yards
Shown in Cumulus Amazonia (C1) and Cumulus Rainbow Desert Rose (C2)
Hook: I95.5mm
Sizes: 54 x 13 unblocked

Gauge: 10 st x 4 rows 3 unblocked

This is a drop swap pattern. At the end of each row, you will drop the strand you are currently working with and pick up the strand that is hanging at the end of the row, and use it for the final pull-through on the last stitch. This will put you into position to start the next row with the new color.
Be sure to carry your strands up the side LOOSELY so as not to pucker the fabric. Carrying your yarn, rather than cutting it each row, alleviates having to weave in a ton of ends.
When you finish the body of the wrap, you will single crochet across both long edges, encasing the carried strands of yarn.