“Crocheted Button Up Poncho by Doreen Marquart”
This Pattern is written for 2 different bust size ranges as well as a Short or Long option. Yarn is held DOUBLED throughout.

Recommended for Bust Measurement: 34-44 (44-50)
Finished Length: Short Version - 25 Long Version - 30

Short Version: Approx 2190 (2725)yds of Fingering Weight (MC)
Apporx 1575 (1960)yds of Fingering Weight (CC)

Long Version: Approx 2500 (3100)yds of Fingering Weight (MC)
Approx 1829 (2450)yds of Fingering Weight (CC)

Short Version Sample (Pictured) was made using Araucania Huasco Sock Kettle Dyes in color #1005 for MC AND Queensland Perth in color #102 for CC