“Tremblor Scarf by Jamie McCanless”
While pondering what to design with this pattern stitch, children in my family remarked that the swatch looked like city buildings after an earthquake. Tremblors! So began this lightweight scarf of lace and cables, the first of a small collection of Tremblor designs.

Although this design is based on one ball of Jody Long Alba yarn, the Tremblor Scarf can be knit to nearly any length. Each repeat of the 24-row pattern stitch uses about 21.5 yds 19.7 m of yarn and measures approximately 3.25 in 8.3 cm long.

2x2 cables
knit and purl through the back loop (k1tbl, p1tbl)
knit and purl two stitches together (k2tog, p2tog)
slip-slip-knit decrease (ssk)

The pattern is accompanied by a second PDF file that provides larger charts.