“Springtime Ponchette by Diane Lynn Augustin”
Springtime Ponchette
As promised, here is the Springtime Ponchette. Its a sweet, elbow length, shortie poncho, just right for covering your shoulders and arms this spring and summer. The name ponchette seems to fit.
Based on the stitches for the Springtime Wrap, the Ponchette is deeper and fastens with a simple seam or sewn buttons. It starts out on the diagonal and halfway through, changes direction, creating a delightful V- shaped piece.
This yarn has gorgeous color blends and lots of nubby soft texture. Did I say soft?! Yes, its a cottonsilkwool blend and its so soft in your hands, and on your neck and shoulders. What a wonderful treat for this time of year.
Thanks to Carrie for the ingenious idea!

One Skein of Noro, Enka, 550 yards. 200 gram ball. The sample in the pictures is color #6, Mito.
50 Cotton20 Silk15 Wool15 Polyamide.
Size 8 needles, circular or straight, in any length.
Optional: 7, ½ buttons, sewing thread and needle.
It is approximately 48 wide x 21 deep. Gauge: 4

Thanks to Jeneen for modeling!