“Springtime Wrap by Diane Lynn Augustin”
Springtime Wrap
I fell in love with this yarn. The project started out to be a wrap, then a ponchette, then a wrap again. As I got going with the knitting patterns, I realized it would be too narrow for my ponchette vision, and I could have ripped it out to start over, but I really enjoyed what I was doing with it to that point, so I decided to let it grow as a wrapshawlscarf it works in many ways. These things happen.
This yarn has gorgeous color blends and lots of nubby soft texture. Did I say soft?! Yes, its a cotton blend and its so soft in your hands, and on your neck and shoulders. What a wonderful treat for this time of year. The Springtime Ponchette version is in the works and will be coming to you soon. I hope you enjoy them both!
One Skein of Noro, Enka, 550 yards. 200 gram ball. The sample in the pictures is color #6, Mito.
50 Cotton, 20 Silk, 15 Wool, 15 Polyamide.

Size 8 needles, circular or straight, in any length.

Pattern Notes
The piece is knit flat, on a diagonal. Slip the first stitch of each row, knit wise. KFB in each (RS) Right Side row, after the first slipped stitch. Decrease at the end of each RS row. The last three stitches of the RS rows end with K2TOG, K1. The (WS) Wrong Side rows do not have any increase or decrease. Place a locking stitch marker along the beginning of the right side row edge for a visual reminder to do the increase. Slip the other stitches in the Slip stitch sections purlwise.

It is approximately 11 wide x 72 long. Gauge: 4
1 skein 550 yards of Enka