“Kalasag Hat - HABI SERIES by Crafty Lukas”
This is the Kalasag Hat and Cowl. As part of my Habi Series, it is inspired by a weaving motif that represents a Warrior's Shield. This is my reinterpretation of a motif that I have seen in many different ways growing up.

In every weaving tradition in the Philippines, an iteration of this motif appears. This shape can be seen used as landmarks and ornamental wood carvings. It even appears on the Crest of 2 major universities, and the fire department in Baguio City (my hometown). In Cordil-leran iconography, the Kalasag represents protection, stability and integrity. In a particular weaving tradition in the Kalinga Province, the shield is often shown together with an image of a woman carrying a Jar. These two motifs together is called kayaw and represents a stable community.

The hat is constructed from the ribbed brim, through to the colourwork section, and then decreases to form the crown. The cowl in the same way starts from the bottom ribbing, to the colourwork section, and ends with another ribbing section.

This uses Jody Long Yarns, Ciao, which is a 100 Extrafine Superwash Merino, DK.

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