“29 - High-Low Pullover”
Designed by the NORO Design Team using NORO Silk Garden color 503.

Sized for one size, to fit Small to X-Large

Finished Measurements
Bust 39 1/2" / 100 cm
Length 24" / 61 cm
Upper arm 15" / 38 cm

This sweater has an unusual construction. Asymmetric hem--the back is longer than the front.
After completing Front, Shape Right Neck, work Right Front as follows:

Right Front
Beg at the neck edge from the RS, pick up and k 76 sts along the
center edge of the right front.
Bet with a WS row, knit 3 rows.
Work rows 1–31 as for Left Back—41 sts.
Short row 32 P to last st, w&t.
Work short rows 33–41 as for Left Back. Bind off all 41 sts closing up
the wraps.