“Shari by Thea Koss”
Shari is an over sized boxy ruana in an all over lace pattern. Light and airy and a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The finished measurement across the back is approximately 38 inches wide and 20 inches from the shoulder to the bottom hem. The Porcupine lace stitch looks complicated but is very easy to remember and is especially interesting because it almost looks like crochet. The pattern repeat is 12 stitches by 9 rows and worked on a #9 US needle makes the project knit up quickly. The lace forms a scallop on the bottom and the top is finished with a contrasting lace pattern that forms an interesting detail along the shoulder and down the sleeve. Shown as open in the front, one or two small buttons could be added to close the front and could easily button into an existing hole in the lace. The V insert in the back forms a neck opening while adding another detail.