“Sunset Sky Shawl by Anna Stoklosa”
Sunset Sky Shawl is an addition to “DAISY” series of garments made by Anna Stoklosa (me).

This particular shawl is created from daisy flowers and multi-coloured yarn. Inspiration for this particular shawl was a Sunset Sky in the exact same colours as this yarn - the beauty of Sunset Sky.

As you know, I love to play with yarn, create my own designs even if yarn is meant to be knitted/crochet with simple stitch - I like to be in charge and CREATE.

This Sunset Sky Shawl can be added on (daisies) in length or width or just remain as per mine design.

This size of shawl, if all corners (4) are tight together - they create a bolero-blouse - very intriguing and nice, elegant.

Length = 102cm/44inch
Width = 64cm/25inch

Always Enjoy Your Work

with love, Anna Stoklosa