“Snooze by Vicki Myers”
While my daughter and I were away last summer, we happened to go into a gorgeous gift shop that was way too expensive for a little old lys owner. Of course, it didn’t stop us looking and lusting over everything. Among the best items, was a travel blanket that rolled up into a travel pillow case. Fine, but warm fibers created this gorgeous, light, and useful throw. Though I couldn’t drop insane amount if money it was surely worth, as a knitter, I knew, this would be one of those few times when knitting would save me money.

Enter Snooze! The Silk Garden Sock and Silky Kid combination is actually even more gorgeous than the original that I saw. Quick, easy, and engaging to make, Snooze is even better than a travel blanket. It is perfect for your couch, acting as a neck pillow when you need it, and a snuggly, light throw when you get chilly. I can see making these for so many people (after I’m done with a few more for myself!). Birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts…I just can’t imagine Snooze being a better go-to gift!

You can find kits at

1 Ball Noro Silk Garden Sock
3 Balls Ella Rae Silky Kid
1 Ball Juniper Moon Moonshine
Size US 11 (8mm) 24” Circular
Two 80” lengths cotton for making cord
Two cord locks
Darning needle for weaving in ends

GAUGE 3 stitches = 1”, gauge is relatively unimportant for this project

Blanket finished size = 30” x 36”, Blocked size = 50” x 56”
Cover finished size = 17” around x 22” long, Felted size = 15” around x 18” long