“Scarf of the Ood by Vicki Myers”
Scarf of the Ood is designed specifically for our gorgeous Angel Cupcakes made is Check them out and save yourself the bother of dividing up four skeins yourself!

Angel cupcakes are our newest kit! Angel cupcakes are 4 skeins of Ella Rae Silky Kid, divided and wound double for you to easily knit through these amazing gradients, created right here at Island Yarn. With 440 yards (880, but doubled with itself), Angel Cupcakes have loads of delicious, gorgeous potential! Our second pattern for these cupcakes, Scarf of the Ood, has knitted fringe which makes me think of the gentle Ood. Scarf of the Ood is a joy to knit and wear!

1 Angel Cupcake ~or~ 4 balls Ella Rae Silky Kid – doubled and divided to form an 8 color gradient
Size US 9 (4.5mm) 32” Circular
Darning needle for weaving in ends

GAUGE 4 stitches = 1”, gauge is relatively unimportant for this project

About 12” wide and 70” long