“The Perfect Two Hours Hat by Vicki Myers”
So listen. I don’t know if this hat will take you two hours. It took me about two, but I’m a relatively fast knitter (not like lightening, but pretty fast). Some of you, it will take a bit longer, a few - shorter. But it is just the cutest, comfiest, warmest quick gift that you could imagine!

The outside is artful Noro Yarns Kureyon Air, giving you a blast of gorgeous color. But it is also lined around the ears with LUSCIOUS Juniper Moon Farm Fourteen, which is JUST the thing that you want to feel on your skin - all day long!

If you are very judicious with your yarn, you can squeeze two hats out of one skein of each yarn. Don’t you just want to make one in every color??

You can find kits for these awesome hats at

1 Ball Juniper Moon Farm Fourteen (50 grams, 147 yards)
1 Ball Noro Kureyon Air (100 grams, 110 yards)
Size 9 (5mm) Circular Needle 16” – 20”
Size 17 (12mm) Circular Needle, 16” – 20”
Size 17 (12mm) DPNs or use traveling loop method for crown decreases with your circular
Darning needle for weaving in ends and tacking down lining

4.5 stitches = 1”, stockinette with Fourteen, 2.25 stitches = 1”, stockinette with Kureyon Air

20” around - medium
Size changes are most easily made with needle change.