“Transparent Multi-Seasonal Cardigan by Anna Stoklosa”
This beautiful Cardigan is created from multicoloured yarn and lace yarn - you can choose a different colour of suggested yarn to suit your needs or skin complexion.
The beauty of it is, that the pattern is relatively easy, and the yarn presents itself giving at the same time the great shape of woman’s body - every figure looks great (slims down and shows curves) - it’s gorgeous.
This beautiful Cardigan is created sideways -
The fronts and back are made in one piece; the knitting is done by beginning at the front, and through the back, and ending at the front. During the work, you will allow sleeve openings twice and without placing the sts on the safe stitch holder - All at once.
The intriguing part in the sweater is the way the colours are following each other and their shades, with the ribbing design, either exposing the colour or hiding the colour. The sleeves are done with lace yarn of white (or the lightest) colour allowing the elegant component of the cardigan show the beauty of the garment.

Credits: Designer, Creator, Pattern Writing & Photography by Anna Stoklosa
Models: Michelle & Alessia