“Sun-kissed Elegant Cardigan by Anna Stoklosa”
Sun-kissed Elegant Cardigan

The Body of Cardigan is created as one piece to have a seamless look. The decorative trim goes around the cardigan (bottom to front sides, around the neck, and calves). The simple stitch shows the beauty of the yarn and the precision of the stitch; where, the decorative trim underlines the elegance of the Cardigan. The Cardigan includes a belt, which is done in the same decorative stitch as the trim. The Cardigan can be shown with or without belt.

Modelling by Michelle Stoklosa
Pictures by Anna Stoklosa

Skill level: Intermediate
Sizing: S, M, L (S M, L)
Length of the cardigan: 65 70, 75 cm/25.5 27.5, 29.5 inch.
Width of the cardigan (chest): 53 58, 63 cm/21 23, 25 inch.
Sleeve: 55 60, 65 cm/21.5 23.5, 25.5 inch.
Trim around cardigan: 8 cm/3 inch.
Belt: width: 10 cm/4 inch; length: 170 cm/67 inch.
Materials: 300g. of fingering yarn.
Needle size: 6US (4mm).
Notions: safety pins or stitch holders, crochet hook, needle.

Always Enjoy Your Work
- with love, Anna Stoklosa
3 bals/skeins (300 g) of Uluru