“22 - V-Neck Cardigan”
Designed by Eisaku Noro Design Team using Noro Silk Garden #464
S (M, L)
Right Front
Following row 8, work as written—109 (114, 118117) sts rem.

Shape armhole
Next Row (RS) Bind off 2 sts, (this is top of armhole edge), knit to end work to end, working angled front detail dec's as established.
Cont to shape armhole, binding off 2 sts at beg of the next 7 (8, 9) RS rows, AT SAME TIME, cont to work the angled front detail every RS row AND work the v-neck dec every 3rd row as established at the marker until a total of 36 (40, 46) rows have been worked from beg and 72 (73, 72) sts rem71 (72, 70) sts.