“'Knit Boot Toppers' by Doreen L. Marquart”
These boot toppers can be knit from either dk, worsted or chunky weight yarn (pictured toppers are done with Mirasol "Sulka") and worn several different ways. Use one stitch option for the entire length of the topper....or do one stitch halfway and a second stitch for other half thus making two different ways you can wear your one pair of toppers. You can even choose to fold the topper over as a boot cuff! One pair of toppers actually becomes 3 different styles. You could even make one half one color and the other half a second color....let your creativity go wild!!

Toppers measure approximately 10" around un-stretched.

Double Pointed Needles: Size 9 for Chunky, 7 for worsted, 5 for dk/sport