“'Double Cuff Mittens' by Island Yarn”
When I was a wee one, I liked winter. So much so that I would stay outside, playing in the snow until I was near freezing. I could stay out so very long until the one inevitable moment, when the ice crusted around the cuff of my coat would nudge around enough to squeeze into the space between coat and mitten. It was so very cold that it would almost burn and I would be done...and have to resign myself to being indoors and thawing out.
Clearly, it stayed with me. Long enough to make me think I need to solve this problem through knitting. These Double Cuff Mittens are brought to you by childhood trauma. If I had them then, I might be normal (ha!). An inner cuff, knitted out of fingering weight wool tucks under the cuff of your coat, while the main mitten goes over the cuff of your coat leaving NO ENTRANCE for ICE and SNOW (or wind)! So very warm! :)

US 9 and US 2 DPN’s Gauge: 3 sts/inch in stockinette in Odori/Size 9 Needles
1 skein of Obi