“'Autumn Senescence' scarf by Gus Baxter”
Senescence Is the process that most trees, except Evergreens, go through every autumn to prepare to survive the winter months. We see this process as the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. This scarf uses the beautiful and smooth color changes in the Ella Rae Seasons yarn to create a stunning scarf, reminiscent of the leaves in autumn.

Autumn Senescence features an easy to follow Fisherman’s Rib that creates a beautiful comfy and warm fabric that will be great for the colder autumn months as we start to transition into winter.

Autumn Senescence uses a Fisher's Rib (Knit 1 Below) to create a bouncy, airy fabric. The Fisherman's Rib is an intermediate stitch. Swatching and practicing this stitch on scrap yarn is recommended.

US 10 circular or straight needles
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