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Luscious Llama - Fanny Hat and Mitts

This design was featured in the 'Luscious Llama - Fanny Hat & Wristwarmers' pad (E-FW18PAD-LUS) which was introduced in the Fall/Winter 2018 season.

This set is all about romance. The hat, I call it a hat because its shape resembles the cloche hats favored a century ago, is flattering and there are matching fingerless gloves which also add to the romance. Super soft Luscious Llama provides the warmth. The knitting is a bit of a challenge; knitting around with reverse stockinette as the background stitch, but using 2 circulars (any length) will take care of that problem and make the knitting a breeze.
The lace pattern is charted only.
2 skeins are enough for both projects and 1 skein may be enough for just the hat – if you’re lucky.

This design uses
2 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Luscious Llama #04
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