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Publications by Noro Noro @ Cotton, Wool, Silk, and Cashmere
Publications include Noro Hanami, Mini Knits 4 (Jenny Watson), Favourites (Claudia Wersing), Kibou (Claudia Wersing), Sweet Winter (Claudia Wersing), What Can I Knit Tonight?, Noro Magazine #03, Spring Into Summer (Woodland/McLeod), Noro Magazine #02, Volume #11, Volume #32, Crochet Noro (Sixth&Spring), Noro Passion (Jane Ellison), Noro Magazine #01, Volume #31, Vintage (Jane Ellison), Mini Knits 3 (Jenny Watson), City Girl (Jenny Watson), Noro Now! (Jenny Watson), Volume #30, Knit Noro Accessories (Sixth&Spring), Mardi Gras (Jenny Watson), Knit Noro (Sixth&Spring), Flowers2 (Jenny Watson), Volume #29 and more!
Publications by Noro at Publications by Noro at Noro knitting yarn knit pattern