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Part One: The Wrist Warmers

This pattern, Yaya M5155, consists of four pieces: a hat, scarf, wrist warmers and neck wrap. Our knit-along begins today with the wrist warmers.

If you haven’t yet experienced Yaya yarn, (try saying that four times fast!), you really need to locate a skein if for no other reason than to simply fondle it. It is soft, warm and just a bit fuzzy, exactly what a winter yarn should be. It is a loosely spun bulky 100% superwash merino wool that knits up at 2 stitches per inch on US size 13 needles. Talk about lightning fast knitting!



These wrist warmers can easily be completed in one evening, as I was able to do. Before beginning, I would make two very important recommendations. Rather than casting on separately for each wrist warmer, why not knit them side-by-side at the same time? (After all, each wrist warmer is only 22 stitches wide.) As they only require one skein in total for the pair, you will need to work from both ends of the skein at once. My second piece of advice is to cast on and especially to bind off very loosely. Let me repeat that: cast on and bind off very loosely, particularly if your hands tend towards the larger size. A better idea might be to use the size 13 needles throughout the pattern rather than switching from the smaller size 10.5 needles recommended for the initial ribbing. Simple so far, right?

The lacy mock cable pattern is a delight to knit and only four rows long.  By the time you’ve memorized the pattern, it will be time to end with the 2×2 ribbing and bind off. That’s how fast this pattern works up.

ya ya beth


Presto…you’ve got another hand knitted gift checked off your holiday list! Hurry though…only ten days until Christmas and Hanukkah!

Happy Holidays, Y’all!


  1. Where can I get this pattern?

  2. The wrist warmers pattern is part of the Mirasol leaflet M5155. You can buy the digital pattern on our main webiste
    It is also available at local yarn shops that participate in the Ravelry in-store pattern sales program. Ask the staff at your favorite LYS about it.

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