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Yaya Knit Along–Swatching

Our Yaya Knit Along is continuing. We are focusing on the patterns from the Mirasol leaflet m5155.

ya ya m5155Karen whipped out the Wrist Warmers in a weekend, which means it’s my turn to start talking about knitting the Neck Wrap.

The only problem is, I haven’t made much progress. Every year I tell myself I won’t knit any Christmas presents, but every year I suddenly get sucked in. This year it was hats, which led to a sprained wrist. The here lesson is to remember to rest and stretch!

I did get some swatching done before I went on the disabled list, which means I have a few tips to share.

IMG_4229For a pattern like this Yaya set that has a lot of eyelets which makes it tricky to count your stitches, it might be easier to cast on just the number of stitches you should have in 4 inches and then measure the entire swatch.

In this case, the gauge is 10 sts to 4″ (we told you it was bulky!). You need an odd number to make the stitch pattern work, so I cast on 11 sts. If my piece of fabric measures 4″, I’m ready to go. Otherwise I have to start fiddling with needle size.

Swatching revealed I’m going to stay with the US13 the pattern recommends. (Oh, my Yaya yarn is color 1515-Verdant.)

Now, when we do these knit alongs we hope that knitters of all skill levels with join in. Our goal is to offer tips as we knit through the projects ourselves to help you over the tricky bits. Don’t forget that most local yarn shops will usually offer quick advice for free, but more in depth help might come with a small lesson fee. Ask the staff at your favorite yarn shop what their policy is.

I think this Yaya set can be tackled by an advanced beginner. It’s all knit and purls with one funky maneuver, which I’m going to explain.

There is action on both sides of the fabric in this pattern. On the right (public) side you are working knits and yarn overs.

On the wrong (private) side you are working purls and passed stitches. The directions say to “Purl 3, pass the 3rd st on right hand needle over first 2sts”



In the picture above I’m pointing to the “3rd st on right hand needle.”  To pass it over, you’ll use the left hand needle to grab it and pull it over in the same way you would if you were binding off.  Simple, right? If you can purl and bind off you can knit this pattern!

IMG_4259Here is how it looks after the 3rd stitch has been passed over.

Another thing I noticed, which might help keep you on track, is that the yarn overs on the right side rows line up with the gaps created by passing the stitches. The pattern has a four row repeat, and it does shift back and forth to create the lattice effect, so keeping track of your YO placement is a good idea.

And if you lose count of which row you’re on, just start counting the bars from the passed stitches. They are on rows 2 and 4, which makes it easy to figure out where you are.

IMG_4261After not knitting for almost five days (swoon!) my wrist is finally better and I can pick up my needles again. I’m going to ease into it to test my wrist out, which means avoiding any knitting marathons.

I guess that means it’s time to bake some cookies!


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