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Yarn Organization: Startitis

Startitis is a condition knitters and crocheters experience when they want to start a new project (or 10) despite already having several projects on the go.

It’s usually accompanied by feelings of being unsettled. Commonly people don’t just start one project. They’ll toss around several projects they’ve been planning to make without being able to settle on one.

A scary aspect of startitis is that you never know what will trigger it. However, spending an extended period of time with your yarn hoard, in a local yarn store, or at a fiber festival are all known triggers.

I spent three pleasant hours on Sunday sorting my yarn to determine categories for storage. It should come as no surprise that I felt a bout of startitis coming on, but I was successfully able to fight it off. (Being on a knitting deadline will do that!)

Here is a taste of the projects I had to fend off.

Louisa Harding Colline book and yarn

Louisa Harding Colline book and yarn

I have a pack of Louisa Harding Colline yarn in color#6-Rosemary to make the Marni top from the Colline book.

Marni from Louisa Harding "Colline" book. Photo by Stephen Jessup

Marni from Louisa Harding “Colline” book.
Photo by Stephen Jessup

If I start now I’ll be ready to wear it in the spring!

Yearling project

Juniper Moon Farm Yearling yarn and book

This Juniper Moon Farm Yearling in color #21-Rose Red is destined to become a Packer Pullover.

JMF Packer Pullover

Packer Pullover from Juniper Moon Farm Yearling 2013 book
Photo by Susan Gibbs

I have some blue Yearling I can use for the stripes, or I might make it one color. I haven’t decided yet.

Sabine project

Juniper Moon Farm Sabine and Sabine 2013 book

Another Juniper Moon Farm treasure is this pack of Sabine in #10-Icicle.

Vail Raglan from JMF

Vail Raglan from Juniper Moon Farm Sabine 2013 book
Photo by Susan Gibbs

Currently I’m planning to use my Sabine to knit the Vail Raglan from the JMF Sabine 2013 book, but that could change at a moment’s notice.

Noro sweater

Noro Koromo and Spring/Summer 2013 Noro Magazine

My mom, who doesn’t knit or crochet, was enchanted when she saw my bag of Noro Koromo yarn. Koromo is a worsted weight (4.5 sts/inch) Cotton/Wool/Silk blend that is available in six colors. I have color #2-Mauve, Lilac, Violet, Purple, Limoncello.

Noro Multidirectional top

Multidirectional Top from Noro Magazine #2.
Photo by Rose Callahan

I’m planning to knit the Multidirectional Top from the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Noro Knitting Magazine. It has a unique construction and makes interesting use of the long color changes for which Noro is famous.

Silky Wool hood

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and Northanger Abbey Hood from Jane Austen Knits

Deep in the archives is the Northanger Abbey Hood by Catherine Salter Bayar from the first issue of Jane Austen Knits magazine, which came out back in 2011.

I need to start knitting faster!

That’s Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in color #105-Icy Blue. That color is becoming hard to find, so you should stock up if you see it.

The "Eliza’s Wrap" by Catherine Salter Bayar from the Summer 2012 issue of *Jane Austen Knits*

The “Eliza’s Wrap” by Catherine Salter Bayar from the Summer 2012 issue of *Jane Austen Knits*

Another Jane Austen Knits project that has been in a my queue for a while is the Eliza Wrap from the 2012 issue.

Silky Wool cardiganFor this project I have the vibrant color #140-Rose Madder. That will brighten up the day when I wear it!

What projects are lurking in your queue waiting for their turn?

Leave a comment with your tips for fighting off startits when it hits!

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