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Yarn Art: Knitted Food

If you are a fan of Knitting Fever Inc on Facebook then you are accustomed to hearing me say that knitting and crocheting allow us to express our creativity.

These activities we pursue aren’t just crafts, they are a form of art. Just because we are producing something practical, such as a warm hat and scarf set for winter, doesn’t mean it can’t be art.

Yarn art can be subtle, like a beautiful Aran sweater, or overt, like yarn bombing a stop sign so it looks like a flower.

Then there is the category of knit or crochet sculpture. Yarn sculptures can range from the abstract coral reefs to daily objects.


I'm glad she held the anchovies!

The knitted food being made by Bonnie Burton, co-owner of Colorful Stitches yarn store in Lenox, Mass., falls into the second category.

Burton has been busy creating a veritable feast of fibery food for a window display at the store.

chocolate cake

I wish my real life icing was so smooth.

She found many of the patterns, and inspiration, in the books “Knitted Fast Food” and “Knitted Cakes“. As she points out in her blog post about the project, there are also a wealth of free patterns online.

hot dog

Where's the ketchup?

But when you attend a party it’s often a good idea to bring a dish to share. Inspired by the patterns she collected, Burton designed a number of new food items. She’s working on writing up the patterns.


I'll have the house wine.

I hope she finishes the wine bottle pattern soon. It would make a fun gift for my husband!

Knit and crocheted food are also practical art. After you have the fun of making the project you have a variety of options to put it to use.

You can use it as a center piece at a party or give it to a child in your life for a toy. Well, maybe not the wine bottle yet! But it would be fun to play house with a stuffed hotdog a loved one knit for you.

I bet some of the smaller items could be modified to serve as place cards at a bar-b-que or themed dinner.


Caught fresh this morning?

If you decide to tackle making your own knit or crocheted food may I suggest Ella Rae Classic Wool as your medium? This 100% wool yarn comes in 220 yard balls and a wealth of colors.

Another good choice, especially if you are thinking the toy route, is Sirdar Snuggly DK. This 55% Nylon, 45% Acrylic yarn is machine wash and dry, which makes for easy clean up.

And isn’t easy party clean up something we all look forward to?

You can see more of Burton’s creations on the Colorful Stitches blog. If you’re in the Lenox, Mass., area you can swing by the store and see the display in person.

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