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Wrapping it Up!

J46-05_Herriot_Trellised Wisteria

Our Trellised Wisteria Cowl CAL concludes today…


gina blue

Our KFI colleague, Gina, looking amazing…

gina purple

….Don’t you agree?


Have you finished your Trellised Wisteria Cowl yet? Well, I have…sort of, that is.

For this CAL, I really wish there had been more to discuss regarding the technicalities involved in crocheting this cowl. Like so many of the very best patterns available out there, this design is really a very simple straightforward one. Other than the front-post double crochet stitch that we discussed here last week, I found that the most difficult part was keeping track of the round numbers and knowing where I was in the pattern and when to change colors. (In fact, I think I might have screwed that up a bit but please don’t tell anyone. I prefer to think of this as a personal design choice, ok?To my surprise, I also discovered that I’m a very loose crocheter. If I were to crochet this cowl again, I would surely use a smaller crochet hook than the US 7 that is recommended by the designer, Abbey Swanson. This is why, as we always say, (but not always do), it is necessary to first work a gauge swatch before embarking on any knit/crochet project. Lesson learned, yet again.


Short versus Tall Versions

About halfway through my work, I realized that the total number of rounds required by the pattern, fifty-four in all, would result in a very TALL cowl. The stated finished measurement lists the height of the cowl (or depth, depending on your point of view) at twenty-three inches. This seemed to me to be a bit much for my taste…and neck size. Personally, I prefer something a little less, well…turtleneck-y. I decided to take matters into my own hands and “bound off” after only thirty rounds. This created a fourteen-inch deep cowl which is more to my liking. (See image below, left.) Another KFI co-worker here who wishes to remain anonymous, (and who also follows directions far better than myself), completed the pattern exactly as written. (See image below, right.)


gina purple flat      gina blue flat

Finished Trellised Wisteria Cowl- Short version (left)  and Tall version (right)

Either way, short or tall, the Trellised Wisteria Cowl is a beauty and will grace the neck of at least two lucky ladies who will most likely be receiving them this upcoming holiday season.

Good luck with your own personal progress!

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