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WIP: Zimtstern Mitts

Over the holiday weekend I kept running across the Zimtstern Mitts.

The picture was circulating on Facebook, and it was a top “hot right now” pattern on Ravelry for several days.

LH Amitola 110Considering how I love fingerless mitts, and my Metalouse Shawl had hit a major snag, it wasn’t long before I had cast on a pair.

Metalouse breakYes, the snag in my shawl was accidentally opening the connector on my interchangeable needles. Oops! It’s all better now.

Zimstern startThe Zimtstern Mitts are worked in the round starting with the thumb.

I’ve never started mitts in this fashion before. I usually start at either the cuff or the fingers and work the thumb at the end. The idea of having fewer ends to weave in when I’m done knitting is very appealing, but I’m a little concerned about fit!

One advantage of starting at the thumb is you feel like you’re making good progress since you’re working on so few stitches.

Zimtstern progressTwo sessions have gotten me a little further than this second picture.

I’d say this is a pattern for an experienced knitter, or maybe an ambitious intermediate knitter. So far it’s basically knitting in the round, but there is shaping involved and the surface crochet to work the texture is a bit fiddly.

The surface crochet has me concerned. Not because it’s difficult, it’s just slip stitches, but because I’m over thinking it.

The designer’s lines look so crisp and zig-zaggy in her sample pair. I’m worried mine are too rounded. I’ve started marking where the bottom peak should be so I can stay on track. I’d also advise not to pull your slipped stitches too tightly so the line remains visible.

The pattern calls for a light fingering weight yarn. Louisa Harding Amitola struck me as an excellent choice. It is soft and has a bit of shine from the silk content. The long color changes will highlight the unique construction of these mitts, too.

I can’t wait to see how the shaping of the hand is accomplished!

Did these mitts catch your attention, too? Were you able to resist casting on?

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