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WIP Watch: Miss Kitty

Wednesdays are for WIPs! That’s Works in Progress, if you don’t know your internet acronyms.

Not only does it sort of rhyme (hey, they both start with W), but this mid-week point is a good time to assess where you are before the weekend, which is usually prime knitting and crocheting time.

Recently I’ve been working on the Miss Kitty top from Louisa Harding’s Jesse book.


Photo by Stephen Jessup I'm making the single color version.

Photo by Stephen Jessup
I’m making the single color version.

Why, yes, I have been on a Louisa Harding kick recently.

The people in the Louisa Harding Lovers group on Ravelry has so much fun with the recent Charm Mitts Knit Along that they wanted to do another KAL focused on the three new books, Jesse, Mila, and Colline.

Jesse by Louisa Harding. 100% Cotton Denim in 16 colors.

Jesse by Louisa Harding. 100% Cotton Denim in 16 colors.

Jesse is a 100% Cotton Denim yarn available in 16 colors. I’m using #103 – Faded. Jesse is soft to the touch and has nice body. The yarn is constructed of three plies, which are each also three plies. This gives it strength, even though it isn’t mercerized. It also lends depth and interest to the stitches.

The Miss Kitty top is worked in the round. That means minimum finishing. Hooray!

Here is a tip for casting on a large number of stitches using the long tail method. Tie the ends of two balls together (or both ends of one ball) and you won’t have to worry about running out of tail. Use the knot in place of your slip knot, but don’t count it as a stitch. When you’ve cast on the required number of stitches, clip the front yarn and start knitting.

This gives you three tails to weave in at the end (the two from the knot and the one from the clipped yarn) but it sure beats having to restart a 100 sts cast on because your tail was too short!

Round and round she goes!

Round and round she goes!

The pattern tells you where to place stitch markers to help keep you on track and I urge you to follow those directions. Having each pattern repeat bracketed off will save you counting and headaches as you’re knitting.

Ask me how I know.

I like the ripple in the edge.

I like the ripple in the edge.

Miss Kitty has been a fun project for me, but it’s not proving to be good TV knitting. I keep discovering missed yarn overs! Luckily, since I have the stitch markers in place, I find out right away when I’m knitting the next row and the repeat doesn’t work out.

Since the mistake is in the row below (and I don’t want to rip back) I have recovered the missing YO by grabbing the strand between the stitches on the row below where the YO should have been.

While this solution is quick, it creates a slightly smaller eyelet than a regular yarn over would, so it’s not for use in all situations. For instance, if I missed a YO in that central spine I think I’d take the time to rip back so the eyelets stay uniform.

Still, this issue is a flaw in the knitter, not the pattern!

Miss Kitty has been a popular pattern from the Jesse book. There are already 13 projects on Ravelry, with many of them already completed. That gives me hope I’ll finish in time to wear it this summer.

Photo by Stephen Jessup It is also shown in a striped version.

Photo by Stephen Jessup
It is also shown in a striped version.

What is on your needles today?

See more patterns from the Jesse book. Add Miss Kitty to your Ravelry queue. Find local and online stores that stock the Louisa Harding line.



  1. Love it!

  2. Totally LOVE this!

  3. KnittingFever

    July 12, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Thanks Nicky and Lauria! I can’t wait to wear it.

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