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WIP: Noro Hanami Top, Seaming

Artsy side shot

Last week I finished the knitting on my Noro Hanami top YS589. I’m using Noro Silk Garden Sock in color 349.

The first step was to seam the right shoulder, then knit the neck band. Since the shoulders looked small I decided to work the shoulder seam free hand.

Bad shoulder seamIt looked like a sloppy mess. My stitches were snug, but the two halves slid out of line and the design didn’t flow together nicely.

Disappointed, I ripped out the seam and took the step of clipping the front and back together how I wanted them to meet.

Clipped shoulder seamIt was very quick and easy to line up the central decrease lines to keep me on track.

I removed the stitch markers as I encountered them while I worked across the shoulder.

(People usually ask about my pretty stitch markers. The cat one I made at a local bead store. The Golden Retriever markers are from the WeeOnes shop on Etsy.)

Good shoulder seamTaking that simple, extra step yielded much better results. Ok, it’s still not perfect, since that center column slipped a little, but anyone close enough to tell had better be related to me. LOL!)

Shoulders togetherSo you can compare, the top picture is the first, bad, seam. The bottom picture is the second, good enough seam.

With the first shoulder seamed, I quickly knit the neck and arm edgings. The second shoulder was easier since I had learned my lesson and clipped first!

Then it was on to the side seams, which I always clip first. First I clipped the hem, then the underarm, then I counted eyelets and clipped the sides.

slipped side(All these stitch markers I made a various local bead stores.)

Working mattress stitch on the reverse stockinette fabric was deceptively easy. I just bounced back and forth from one purl bump to the next.

seamingEven though I was using a black section of the Silk Garden Sock, when the seam was pulled tight the fabric came together and hid the yarn.

I love invisible seams. It’s so cool to watch them come together.

partial seamTo read about seaming in more detail, check out this article on the Vogue Knitting website. The pictures in this Knitty article about seaming are nice and clear.

seamed topThe finished sweater looks great! Sadly, it appears that I don’t know how to properly use a tape measure.

The pattern calls for the sweater to be 27″ long. Deciding that was too long, I planned to shorten it to 19″ or 20″. My sweater clocked in at 18″, which was not a good look on me.

A simple solution is to pick up along the cast on edge and extend the bottom garter hem down. That shouldn’t take long. Afterwards I’ll be on to weaving in hems and blocking.

What tips do you have to make seaming easier?


  1. went to esty did not see clips from wee ones.

    Could you give me more info on this liked you sweater I make custom made K9 Kids doggie ware these would be great on the small jacktes .

    Thanks joie

  2. Hi Joie.
    I think the WeeOnes Etsy shop shows them all with small rings, but she has a note she can use lobster claws or larger rings. She did a mix of rings and lobster claws for me. And made my golden retrievers a darker red to match my boys.

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