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WIP: Miss Kitty

Can a knitting project count as a “Throwback Thursday”?

Having finished my Tucked Pullover and Gillespie Shawl in rapid succession, I was eager to start a new project.

I spent a pleasant hour (or two) reviewing both my personal and work queues on Ravelry trying to make up my mind.

UFO letdownAll that poking around in Ravelry reminded me I have a couple projects on the back burner to which I should return.

Mainly, the Miss Kitty top from Louisa Harding’s Jesse book.

IMG_3706I started this top last summer, in June, when the yarn and book were both new.

Since I don’t knit a lot of lace, it was slow going for me. Honestly, I was probably juggling a couple projects at the time, which always inhibits progress.

31450The finally blow came when my husband and I moved in September. All my large and complicated projects were packed away in favor of small, mindless knitting while I worked on putting all our possessions in boxes.

Now life has settled down and warm weather is returning so Miss Kitty is getting attention.

IMG_3707It’s a good thing, too, considering how many resources this top is sucking up. Miss Kitty is devastating my Denise Interchangable supplies! I’ve got the set of needle tips I’m using to knit as well as a US13 acting as an end cap attached to it. There are three cables involved: one holding the front half, one holding the back half, and the third as my working right-hand needle. And all those cables have end caps.

Goodness, I couldn’t start a new project if I wanted to since I’m almost out of cables!

Firefly Book #136

If you have a hankering to knit with cotton, and finish projects in a more timely fashion than I do, you’ll be happy to hear there are new Jesse patterns included in the new Firefly book (Louisa Harding #136-Firefly).

Firefly coverThis book also includes patterns for Mila and and Colline, but I’ll focus on the Jesse patterns today.

LumiereI like the fun lace edgings on the Lumiere cardigan.

When I met Louisa at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC in January she mentioned that people should “dress for their shoulders.” She explained that if your garment is too loose or too tight on your shoulders it will look ill-fitting even if the rest of the garment is tailored.

It was an interesting tip I hadn’t heard before and caused me to poke around for more advice when I got home. I found information about “dressing for your body type” that said pair-shaped people like myself should draw interest away from our hips by having designs up by our face.

Which is all a long winded way of saying I think this top would look good on my body type!

LucciolaThe Lucciola cardigan is another that has all the action at the neckline. Another benefit of patterns with a design on the yoke is that you have something to look forward to as you knit!

The Lucciola cardigan is also shown in one of the 10 new Jesse colors being introduced this year.

EclatThe Eclat capelet is the last pattern I’ll highlight. It uses 4 skeins of Jesse. Start now and you’ll be ready to wear it for the Fourth of July! Yep, I love that start motif.

There is a scarf version that uses two skeins of Colline instead.

A cowl and a pullover round out the Jesse entries in the Firefly book. Preview the rest of the book on our main website.

Altogether, the Firefly collection is full of beautiful Louisa Harding patterns that will keep your needles clicking through the warm months.

Both the book and yarns should be in your local yarn store already, or arriving very soon!

Which garment is your favorite?



  1. I would love to make miss kitty as well… But I need a mentor that I can occassionally ask questions if I get stuck. Please give me pointers on how to begin…I want to rise to another level in 2014

  2. Hi Tameka!
    I think the Miss Kitty top would be a good pattern to challenge yourself.

    The lace is repeating and easy to see develop. The pattern tells you where to place stitch markers to keep yourself on track.
    Patience and quiet knitting time will get you there.

    The Louisa Harding Lovers group on Ravelry is active and friendly. Several people made the Miss Kitty top last year, so they’ll be able to answer questions, too.

    Go for it!

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