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WIP: Mia Mitts

As I’ve been waiting for the votes for my next project to come in, I’ve been busy knitting a pair of Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts.

IMG_4004I started the first mitt on April 4 and had it finished off on April 11. That counts as a quick knit in my book!

IMG_4072I was dividing time between the mitt and working on my Noro top YS589 from the Hanami book. The Noro Hanami Top is at the point where it needs focus because I’m seaming and weaving in ends. The mitts are soothing stockinette stitch, so they are good TV knitting.

The mitts start at the cuff and work toward the fingers. The directions are to sew both hems down at the end, but I can’t leave well enough alone.

The bottom hem I closed by knitting the cast on edge together with an interior row. Simple stuff.

IMG_4077The hem at the fingers wouldn’t cooperate to k2tog, I couldn’t get my needles positioned well. For the cuff at the fingers I had to break down and sew the cast off edge down.

It was simple matter of whip stitching the cast off edge to the corresponding row on the inside.

IMG_4078Although the first mitt is finished, I’m leaving the stitch markers attached for now.

I (gasp) did not swatch before I started the mitts. They are so small I could finished one by the time I worked a decent swatch!

I started on US6 needles, which is a recommended size for the Debbie Bliss Mia yarn I’m using. The fabric is nice at this gauge, but I could tell they were coming out a little big.

Since I wanted a more snug fit on the wrist and hand I dropped down to a US5 needle. That is the first, lower marker.

IMG_4079The second marker is where I started the thumb gusset. By leaving the markers in place it will be easier to match my second mitt to the first.

This pattern has three sizes. I’m making the smallest size and it’s a beautiful fit! I’m also pleased that the mitts are ambidextrous so I don’t have to worry about making two right mitts.

The Debbie Bliss Mia yarn is wonderful to work with. It is plump and springy. I was showing my first mitt off at knitting group Tuesday night and everyone agreed both the yarn and pattern are lovely.

IMG_4086I started the second mitt last night. I hope I have it done by the end of the week so I can start my new sweater.

By the way, can you spot the problem with the second mitt?

See all the Debbie Bliss Mia colors. Find a store near you that carries Debbie Bliss yarn.

Find the Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitt pattern on Ravelry.

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4 thoughts on “WIP: Mia Mitts

  1. Virginia Smith says:

    The blue one? No garter stitch rows. You must have been distracted.

  2. Thelma says:

    Hi you forgot the pattern like on the red one which looks real girlie

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