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WIP: Kayleen Sleeves

Progress has picked up on my Kayleen Pullover. I might even be finished by next weekend!

IMG_4536The front was loads of fun to knit with the pretty cable pattern.

My only advice there would be to remember there are some traveling cables where you cross knits over purls. Don’t worry, it’s all included in the chart!

The back, being plain stockinette stitch, knit up in the blink of an eye.

Things got interesting when I reached the shoulders.

The pattern instructs you to shape them using short rows, rather than stepped bind-offs. But then it tells you to bind off all stitches, to be sewn later

IMG_4544Well, I said to myself, “We’ve come this far” and I worked a three-needle bind off instead. Why let all those live stitches go to waste?

It was a simple matter of placing the front shoulders on stitch holders until the back shoulders were knit.

IMG_4542I think they look lovely, and it was much quicker and easier than seaming them at the end.

With the shoulders completed I was onto the sleeves. Once again I found myself feeling rebellious.

IMG_4559The pattern instructs you to knit the sleeves flat. Probably because they have an interesting notch at the hem which might be easier to work from the bottom up.

But I detest setting in sleeves. I have sweaters languishing in a closet because I can’t face sewing the sleeves into place.

Having read “Sweater Design in Plain English” by Maggie Righetti (ask for it at your local yarn store) I was familiar with the idea of working sleeves from the top down.

I hadn’t ever attempted that technique until I knit my Tucked Pullover.

IMG_3447It was so magical I immediately decided it was my new, favorite sleeve method. I was eager to try it again and the Kayleen Pullover seemed as good an opportunity as any.

IMG_4566The first sleeve was coming along nicely until I realized there is supposed to be a stockinette stitch ridge separating the front from the sleeve (at least judging by the pictures in the magazine).

Rather than rip out my progress on this sleeve, I’ve jumped to the second sleeve. This will allow me to compare and decide which look I prefer.

IMG_4567Maintaining the ridge has been tricky. Eventually I figured out that I have to pick up the stitches from the wrong side. Since I’m right handed, this has the knitting traveling in what feels like the “wrong direction” or inside out.

Using a crochet hook sped up the process. Again, I’m holding the sweater with the wrong side facing me to place the seam ridge on the public side.

IMG_4568The sleeve caps will be shaped using short rows. I’ll create the notch using decreases. If everything goes well, I’ll share my numbers to give you a launching point.

Wish me luck!

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