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The Craft Yarn Council had declared this past Friday, Oct. 14, to be “I Love Yarn Day.”

On one hand, it was sort of like celebrating Valentine’s Day with your spouse since we’re always together and expressing our love. On the other hand, it was fun to have an excuse to make even more noise about our affection for yarn.

We took the opportunity to decorate the office.

Office Decorations

It's fun to spruce up the office for a holiday.

And to decorate ourselves.

Staff with Scarves

Everyone loves scarves!

We posted the original version of this picture (without identifications) on Facebook and everyone started asking about the scarves and what yarn was used.

Well, of course you all would ask that! Silly me for not anticipating those questions. But we’ve tracked the scarves down and identified them all for your enjoyment. (You can click on the picture to see a bigger version.)

Starting with the Front Row on the left

The dark pink scarf is the “Titania” pattern from the new Louisa Harding Nerissa book knit in color #7-Cherry.

The variegated fringed scarf in red tones is knit in Euro Yarn Prancer in color #109 – Grey, Magenta, Salmon. You can download the free pattern for this simple cabled scarf from our website.

The sparkly mohair scarf in the middle is knit in Louisa Harding’s new yarn Simonetta. You can download the free Cosimo Scarf pattern, which takes one ball of Simonetta, from our website.

Cosimo Scarf

Cosimo Scarf by Louisa Harding

The ruffled green scarf, which generated the most interest on Facebook, is knit in Euro Yarns Sparkle. That green color is sold out, but there are 12 other lovely colors available. Once you select one, download the free Sparkle Scarf pattern and cast on.

If you had your heart set on a green scarf, you should consider Triana Lux from Katia, which comes in 14 colors including a lime green one. This fun yarn is a souped up version of Triana, the difference being the Lux version has metallic threads for some sparkle. Both yarns will create fun ruffled scarves following the free Triana Scarf pattern.

Back to the staff picture, the chunky blue scarf on the end takes one skein of Euro Yarns Quick Thick Merino, which comes in 10 colors. The free pattern features an elongated stitch, which shows off the texture of the yarn nicely.

Second row starting from the left

The first green scarf is in Sparkle, again.

The next scarf, which is just peeking out, is Euro Yarns Tinseltown. This fun yarn has ruffles and sparkles and works up quickly using the free scarf pattern. Currently there are 10 colors of Tinseltown available, but we’re expecting new colors to arrive in a few weeks…just in time for finishing up your holiday gift knitting!

Tinseltown Scarf

More colors of Tinseltown will be available soon.

The puffy white scarf in the middle is On Line Zico. This fun novelty yarn comes in 8 colors and works up quickly on US size 19 needles. Two balls are needed for the free scarf pattern, which really shows off the texture of the yarn.

The ruffled black and silver scarf is Euro Yarns Broadway, a new yarn that should be in stores by Thanksgiving.

Finally, the multicolored orange “hat” is actually a sampler strip knit from various shades of Araucania Patagonia meant to show off the different colors. It would have worked just as well for a scarf and is a good option if you can’t decide which of the 40 colorways available is your favorite.

The red vest is knit in the ribbon yarn Kristha from Filati FF. This yarn has limited availability so you’ll want to be sure to call your local yarn store to ensure they have it.

You can search for stores that carry Filati FF, and all the brands we represent, using the “find a store” feature on our main website.

As you can see, we had fun on “I Love Yarn Day.” We hope you did, too, and that you enjoy keeping the celebration going with some of these scarves.


  1. Great info, but who is wearing what? Names we need to put faces to fingers
    (I know she is never satisfied no matter how much info you give her)

  2. I love the pic and the scarves but I agree with Wheat and would really like to know who’s who….. I speak with many of you on the phone and can recognize some of you as my shop is here in Farmingdale, NY and you’ve been to my shop but Who’s Who?

  3. Everyone got shy and asked not to be named. 🙂

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