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Unfinished Gift Letter

Are you sitting here on Christmas Eve still frantically stitching away on gifts?

zimtstern mittZimtstern Mitt

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. You are not alone in wrapping a present that is still on the hook or needle.

To help you out, we’re providing this handy letter you can present along with the unfinished garment.

Unfinished Gift Letter-crochet

Crochet version

This year we’ve made hand images you can print and fill in the blanks!

Knit version

Knit version

Click on the image of the version you want (knit or crochet, or both!). This will change the screen so you see a bigger version. Print the letter as you normally would.

As for those unfinished gifts…you can start earlier next year!

Please Accept This Unfinished Gift

My Dearest [insert loved ones name]:

Enclosed please find the [scarf/hat/socks/gloves/sweater] I’ve been making for you. The yarn and project were carefully selected with you in mind.

It isn’t finished because my ambition outstripped my [knitting/crocheting] time.

Please know that I’ve spent many evenings of late, thinking of you fondly, as I worked on this project. There is love in every stitch.

I know you are disappointed that you won’t get to start using it right away. Believe me so am I! There is nothing that makes a [knitter/crocheter] as happy as seeing the [scarf/hat/socks/gloves/sweater] they made put to good use.

Now that you’ve admired your present, please return it to me so I can get back to work. I can’t tell you when it will be done, but I promise it will be soon. Definitely before next [insert gift giving occasion]!

All my love,

[your name here]




  1. Your letter is so kind. For a close friend I wrote something like this which has a touch of humor. I’m so sorry I didn’t finish the gloves I promised you. After trying many times, I came to the conclusion that that pattern did not meet my expectations and even when I changed it continued to look so large it was unacceptable. I whipped up this quick scarf for you. Maybe some day I will try and make up my own glove pattern that is more workable. If I do, I think a will put a tag on it that says, “This took me forever.”

  2. This was perfect! I gave a letter along with my one-and-a-half socks and I got a letter (from my 13-year-old granddaughter) with the nearly done fingerless mitts she’s making for me. Thanks.

  3. Sounds like you taught your granddaugther well! LOL

  4. Make the gloves for yourself, first. That way you can work out the kinks.

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