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The Great Garment Giveaway

Edited July 8: The winner is DeRonda! She said:

I would wear this this with a white or silver tank underneath a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of Ballerina flats.

Thanks for playing. Check back on Friday for the next giveaway!


You know all those gorgeous sample garments you see at your local yarn store? We provide some of them. For every pattern that KFI/Euro Yarns publishes, there is a sample garment that must be professionally knitted (or crocheted) and photographed.

Then they come back to us.

Is there anything as sad as a hand knit or crocheted garment that isn’t being worn?

We have sample garments that are ready to retire from their life on the road. They want to spend their golden years with a yarn lover who will appreciate them.

Maybe one will even come to live with you!

The Great Garment Giveaway!

When: Every Friday during July and August we’ll giveaway one of these breathtaking items right here on the Yarnologue.

How: To have a chance to adopt a garment, simply visit our blog and leave a comment by answering the BIG QUESTION. (And don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer.)

On Tuesday we’ll select a winner to receive that week’s item. The following week we’ll do it again with a new garment.

(Don’t worry, we’ll also tell you about the yarn and pattern if you’d rather knit or crochet it yourself.)

Ready to get started?

GREAT GARMENT GIVEAWAY #1 Mirasol Littondale Top

littondale 1

Knit up in Mirasol’s popular yarn, Sawya, (60% Pima Cotton, 25% Alpaca, 15% Silk), this openwork garment serves triple duty as a hip- length tunic (or mini dress, if you dare), beach coverup or elegant layering piece. Size: 36”.

Littondale 2THE BIG QUESTION: How would YOU wear this piece?

Leave a comment on this blog post. We’ll select one lucky person to receive this actual item. Winner will be selected and notified on Tuesday.

(US residents. Void where prohibited.)

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Want to just knit it yourself? Use our Store Locator feature to find a local or online yarn store that carries the Mirasol line. Ask for the “Littondale top” pattern.


  1. Kathryn Schulze

    July 4, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    I would definitely wear this as a tunic.. love the color!

  2. Melissa Wallace

    July 4, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    I would wear this with leggings on my next travel day. It looks so comfy.

  3. Love, love the color and style!

  4. with jeans

  5. Jessica Duval

    July 4, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    I would wear this with leggings and a belt. Comfy and classy.

  6. leslie m. santiago

    July 4, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    This is beautiful! !!!! I would wear it proudly!!!!

  7. This would look great with my “uniform” of black turtlenecks.

  8. Black skirt

  9. Lee Burkhardt

    July 4, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    It looks like it would be a very appropriate swimsuit cover up.

  10. I would wear it over skinny jeans

  11. Love the purple and would wear it on my coming cruise as a cover up or a dinner dress.

  12. I’d wear it to school in the fall with leggings and a camisole underneath. It looks comfy!

  13. Love this I would wear this and I would love to knit it Where can I get the pattern thanks

  14. What a beautiful PURPLE!!
    mmmmmm an EVERY day dress!!

  15. JewelsVerneMei

    July 4, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    I would definitely wear this with slacks and a tank underneath. Perhaps a white tank to highlight the delicate nature of the dress. Love the color!

  16. Salimah Gillani

    July 4, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Beautiful purple color would like to wear outfit in the evening dining with friends would be nice.

  17. The color is wonderful! I would wear it with leggings any day of the week!

  18. HAYDEE hirsch

    July 4, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Oh my, purple is my everything color, love,love this top– I would wear it with black leggings, a beautiful pair of sandals and beautiful beaded Jewlry that I would make especially for this tunic—- would LOVE LOVE to win this
    thanks so much— haydee

  19. Roxy64 on Ravelry

    July 4, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Definitely with leggings. Gorgeous!

  20. Hi Michelle.
    The Littondale pattern is in the Mirasol Collection book #22
    Ask for it at your local yarn store.

  21. Victoria Winter

    July 4, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    I would definitely wear this and to work too. The color is georgeous!

  22. Looks so comfy, I’d wear this with a tank top and leggings.

  23. Carolyn Gifreda

    July 4, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    With boots, leggings and a belt 🙂

  24. Dealonnia Alberson-Cook

    July 4, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    I would probably wear it with jeans. To old to wear as. Mini or with leggings, so I would put it with jeans.

  25. So pretty I would wear it with leggings and a nice tank top underneath!!!

  26. Would wear with a sweater and leggings. Love it.

  27. I would wear this this with a white or silver tank underneath a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of Ballerina flats.

  28. I’m going on a cruise in November, and would wear this as a tunic/coverup out by the pool.

  29. With some boots and jeans and bright neon accessories

  30. I would wear this as a tunic.

  31. Virginia Smith

    July 5, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    Leggings and a cami, definitely!!

  32. I would wear it with a tank top and skinny jeans. Love the colour too.

  33. I would give this to my sister/cousin Annie girl, if it would fit her or wear it myself in her honor. Her fave color is purple. She has been like a sister to me my whole life we almost lost her to colon cancer. I’d layer it over a white tank & white capris. 🙂

  34. With leggings or skinny jeans

  35. Rita KahlenbergRita A Kahlenberg

    July 5, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    This beautiful sweater will be perfect for me, as it looks like I’ll be able to wear it over my brace and still look stylish.

  36. Kathy McLaughlin

    July 5, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    Jeans and a cami!

  37. Love it! Purple is my favorite color and this is a great style.

  38. Barbara Lipkin

    July 5, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    I would wear it with leggings & a camisole. Great look!

  39. Being an Aquarian by birth, purple is my color. I would wear it over a very revealing string bikini!!!!

  40. I would, since I haven’t been a 36 sine I was 10 or something, give it to one of my nieces who just LOVES purple and would be able to wear this with panache and elan, no matter what she paired it with.

  41. Elizabeth Diamond

    July 5, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    I’m a Southern Girl, I’d love to wear that over a lime green swimsuit on Panama City Beach! Then, over white tights out to dinner!

  42. Beautiful! Love the color. I would wear it with a black skinny belt.

  43. Kristin Freeman

    July 5, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    I would definitely wear this over a tank top and a gauze skirt for a comfy outfit for a barbecue in the summer.

  44. I would wear this beautiful tunic to school over leggings with my cowgirl boots

  45. Turquoise tank and leggings under it.

  46. Would wear this with a tank under it and leggings.

  47. Would wear with skinny back jeans

  48. I would love this over my tie dyed pink/purple yoga leggings….also over a pair of regular tight blue jean leggings…very pretty! Thank you:)

  49. With black leggings….although, probably look best on my 21 year old, not me! So cute!

  50. It would look great with jeans, and a t-shirt underneath.

  51. I would wear this with my blue jeans and I’m thinking I would have to make a neck scarf to lightly contrast with it!

  52. Love this color!! It’s a multi-option addition to any wardrobe. It’s possibilities are endless depending on what, where you might want to take it and be seen in it. Love the concept of the hip-length tunic.

  53. Since I just lost a bunch of weight (illness) I am really into tunics and leggings. so I would wear it with black leggings and, depending on the weather, a black turtleneck long-sleeved shirt.

  54. I would definitely wear this. I made a shorter version and have worn it to many compliments. I can see even carrying this over into fall with a long sleeve tee and leggings. Love that color!

  55. Living by the beach this garmet screams to be worn over a bathing suit accompanied with a hat, sunglasses and sandals.

  56. Love this top, it would be perfect for dressier occasions in our hot Montana weather. I would make it slightly shorter and wear it with white jeans.

  57. Margot Woodrough

    July 6, 2014 at 10:30 am

    I wouldn’t wear it, but would display it in my shop to inspire others.
    For some reason my website will not display above. It is

  58. I would wear this MANY TIMES with a long sleeved black turtle neck and black slacks. It’s beautiful!

  59. Gloria storms

    July 6, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    I would layer it with a sparkle shirt underneath. Then wear black dress slacks with my high heels. Lots of long chain jewelry then go out for a night on the town!

  60. This is such a beautiful color. I would probably wear it over tights.

  61. Hotness with tanzanite colored jewels and leggings to give an elongated look to the average body shape

  62. Lori Jean Rolison

    July 6, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    Beautiful tunic/ sweater! I would love to see this worn, on a friend, who loves purple! 🙂

  63. Wanda Couzens-Smith

    July 6, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Love, love the color. I would for sure wear it with jeans, but also perhaps on Sunday morning to church with slacks……………beautiful!!

  64. I think I would wear it in many different ways, with slacks, jeans, if it’s long enough even to church, town, my local yarn shop, shopping. I have two favorites.

  65. I would wear this garment over a swimsuit in the summer and a turtleneck and slacks
    in the winter.

  66. I would wear that beautiful garment GRANDLY!!!!

  67. Cynthia Greer

    July 6, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Love the color. Is wear it with black leggings and most of my amethyst rings

  68. I’d wear this with leggings & my purple shoes!!

  69. I would wear leggings, a white t-top (summer) or white turtleneck (winter) while I work at the circulation desk, at the Hazel Park Memorial Library!!

  70. Mariann Flynn

    July 6, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    Absolutely would wear this as a tunic with leggings. Would even post a picture on the blog. Love the sweater and the color.

  71. Wouldn’t fit this grandma, but I know a poor starving college student that would wear it with black leggings at Weber State University. We bleed purple!

  72. I would wear it with a pair of black leggings or with my black shirt. It is such a pretty top.

  73. I would wear it with an off white long skirt.

  74. Allison Jones

    July 6, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    So many choices! With skinny jeans and boots in cooler weather; belted, over a white cami with posh shorts for now.

  75. This will look great on my daughter, who is tall and thin!!

  76. Dora Jennings

    July 7, 2014 at 12:17 am

    I would wear the lovely tunic with a pair of white capris and cute sandals. Under the tunic I might wear a white tank.

  77. This is SO my color! And SO pretty!

    I would wear it as a tunic, with jeans and sandals.

  78. I would love to wear this beauty with black leggings,

  79. Georgann Glebes

    July 7, 2014 at 3:16 am

    I’m short enough to wear it as a dress.

  80. I would be proud to wear it with leggings. I would especially appreciate it because I know how much time it takes to knit things. Thanks for the fun contest.

  81. I would wear this every where with everything!

  82. I always thought, “Who would where a sweater with short sleeves? ” but this tunic looks really comfy! Something to wear all year long!

  83. sharon bakner

    July 7, 2014 at 9:54 am

    I love the color … a great all around seasonal color. I also like the length … it can hide larger areas and lengthen me. I would love to knit this and wear it!!!!!!!

  84. Love the color and pattern. I’d wear with a silky slip or thin dress underneath

  85. Tights a belt a boots maybe a nice pin…

  86. Loretta Steinman

    July 7, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Will look charming with my red hat and would suit me!!

  87. I’d wear it with white Capri and sandals. I’d add a few nice pieces of gold tone jewelry and we would be good to go.

  88. I would wear with a cami in black with legging in black. Little sandals or flats.

  89. Would wear this with black skinny jeans and ballerina flats. GORGEOUS!

  90. I would give it to my granddaughter to wear with leggings to school as purple is her favorite color and it has been 18 years since I had only a 36 inch bust.

  91. I would wear this beautiful garment with a black tank top, black leggings, and boots! Thank you for the giveaway.

  92. Donna VanBrakle

    July 8, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Id wear it with black leggings or skinny jeans and a pretty scarf, maybe a belt.

  93. this sweater is beautiful, and nothing that has been hand-made should go unloved

  94. A loaf of bread, a glass of wine, and that amazing dress…with my husband!

  95. Hi DeRonda!

    And you’ll get a chance to do just that!

    Keep an eye on your email box for a message from Ann.

  96. Margaret Calhoun

    July 12, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Terrific color to be worn as a dress with leggings

  97. I would give this lovely tunic(?) to my gorgeous daughter. She loves purple, and because she’s tall, it will cover bits she likes covered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. I would wear this beautiful sweater with black leggings or black skinny jeans and a black cami underneath. The black cami would make both the beautiful purple color and the pattern pop.

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