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The Great Garment Giveaway (Aug 15)

Today’s Great Garment Giveaway will make your feminine heart flutter!

This Louisa Harding dress is one of our favorites.

IMG_20140815_085014 Perfect for an evening with an unexpected summer chill, this luxurious shell is knit up in Simonetta, a 60% Nylon, 26% Kid Mohair, 14% Metallic Polyester blend. (Don’t let the metallic polyester content worry you, it’s not scratchy at all!)

IMG_20140815_085051The lace allows the pleasant breeze while the Mohair keeps the chill away! Easily adaptable for any season, this delicate indulgence will put you at the center of attention all year long.


The sleeves look a little goofy since our dress from doesn’t have arms, and no one in the office was feeling brave enough to be a model. So here’s the picture from the book to give you a better idea of how it looks.

27495This tunic is sized for 32-33 3/4″ bust. The model in the picture is 5’10”, 32″ bust.

The Big Question: How would you wear this pretty tunic to accommodate the current nip of autumn weather?

Leave a comment on this blog post. We’ll select one lucky person to receive this actual item. Winner will be selected and notified (by email) on Tuesday.

(US residents. Void where prohibited.)

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Want to just knit it yourself? This is the Ginerva tunic from the Louisa Harding Simonetta book. Use our Store Locator feature to find a local or online yarn store that carries the Louisa Harding line.


  1. That is so beautiful. My daughter would love it.

  2. What a beautiful dress. I wish I could produce work like this. So delicate.

  3. What a beautiful dress–yes, I would definitely wear it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter

  4. Its beautiful. I would love to own this

  5. Christina Wyneken

    August 15, 2014 at 4:25 pm


  6. This is perfectly sized and would look astoundingly good on my daughter–also 5’10”. She’s been asking me to make her something similar for a long time. This would be fantastic for me to see the contstruction and then get myself together to knit something similar. It’s really beautiful.

  7. This is so pretty. I would probably wear with a camisole and leggings.

  8. Layering over a pastel color-beautiful. Her work is always so feminine.

  9. Wow! that dress is magnificent! Unfortunately, though I am thinking it would be lovely to wear, my ancient 81 year old body would not do it justice. I have two twenty something granddaughters who would LOVE it and look beautiful.

    So, who would get it, blond Sierra or brunette Lindsay? Perhaps I should just covet the yarn and knit a Louisa Harding vest for each of them!

  10. Oh, this is one of my favorites and has long been on my wish list to knit as I am a huge Louisa Harding fan. I live in Dallas so I would pair this with a camisole, denim leggings, booties with cut-outs on the toes, and a chunky/funky necklace, This would be perfect for our winter weather!

  11. Wouldn’t work for me, but maybe my granddaughter. Not sure what she would wear with it, but it is very pretty.

  12. My dear granddaughter who is going away to college for the first time would love to have such a beautiful dress to wear to her first formal college dance. It is breathtaking and am sure she would also be in such a unique, one of a kind, dress.

  13. Elizabeth Bodner

    August 16, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I’m a bit too lumpy and old but have a grand daughter who would look great in it. It reminds me of a 1960’s pattern I did in a mohair, knit from the top sweater. Loved it and made it for several relatives. Beautiful work.

  14. What a beautiful delicate design. I really love how the model is wearing the dress. I do get quite chilly, so even wearing a tight fitted long sleeve slip/dress underneath could be really pretty.

  15. My daughter in law would look amazing in this. I can see her wearing this with a long slip or cami and leggings underneath!

  16. I think wearing this over a close fit jumpsuit would be fabulous for the fall and winter! Would really jazz up basic black and make the sparkle in the yarn sing!

  17. Georgann Glebes

    August 16, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    My 32 yr old daughter just became engaged, this would be a great dress for rehearsal dinner or even her wedding. I’d make her a satin tank dress for under neath with a matching stole. and high strappy sandals.

  18. My grandaughter would love this with a little slip dress beneath.

  19. Beautiful dress. It would look especially nice with a pastel color camisole under it.

  20. I would so wear this over a silver or light gray slip dress! This dress is beautiful, and so beyond my knitting abilities.

  21. I’d wear a full length 100% silk camisole and slip underneath, silk is warm, leather ankle boots with matching belt…. Beautiful, beautiful!!!!

  22. I would wear this beautiful tunic with a tank sheath or full slip underneath in the same blue/silvery shade of the yarn. I would wear a silk sash at the waist in the same blue/silvery color but a shade darker for contrast and high heel shoes or sandals. For a more casual look I would wear with wide leather belt and boots or flats.I live in Florida and can wear all throughout fall and winter.

  23. I’d wear dark-colored long-sleeve T and leggings. That should enhance the beauty of the tunic, really make it pop!

  24. Beautiful, beautiful dress. Alas, I would have to give this as a gift to one of my
    daughters to wear and I know they would treasure it on any given autumn evening.

  25. Maria Halberstadt

    August 17, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    What a lovely dress to wear for a late summer or early fall wedding.

  26. I would wear it over a slip dress of a darker color to show off the lacy details. It’s just gorgeous!

  27. I’d wear a long sleeve shirt and leggings underneath to stay warm. It’s beautiful!

  28. I would wear it with a pretty slip and as often as I could
    All the time i love it.

  29. So amazing! I would wear it with a darker slip to show off how beautiful this dress! Love it!

  30. Love it!!! Soooo pretty!!!

  31. Elegant lace and beauty!

  32. Oooo. This is just too lovely!! I’d wear it over a dark long sleeve satin tunic so it would be sleek and shimmery.

  33. This shift is classic and would look great paired with a black cami and tights for a night out on the town or New Years Eve!

  34. I would love to see this in a cherry red over a black T and a mini skirt!

  35. If I were 5’10” with a 32 in bust absolutely I’d wear it, alas, I’m not 5’10” nor a 32″ bust. My daugter would look delightful though.

  36. Perk, ,modern and flexible design. Perfect for travel or evenings out.

  37. Jean Tomboulian

    August 19, 2014 at 10:53 am

    It would be more flattering on my daughter, so I’d give it to her.

  38. That would look awesome with a pretty gold or red cami underneath with some leggings and some tall boots! You could also pair it with a long sleeve satin or silk tunic in a beautiful red or wine color and some tights and strappy shoes if staying in and some cute boots if headed out!!!Beautiful!!

  39. would LOVE this for my granddaughter, might try to make, but would love to win.
    would pair with full body shaper with skirt and white, black, red or any color and boots, or long sleeve tunic and tights.

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