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Spotlight: Louisa Harding Nerissa

Did you enjoy Louisa’s discussion of her new fall yarns and pattern books?

It is so fun to get a peak inside the designers’ creative process and see what inspires them.

The three new yarns–Grace Hand Beaded, Simonetta, and Nerissa–are all lovely, but I had to stick my needles in Nerissa first. It’s been a while since I worked with chenille and I wanted to see what Louisa had come up with.

Since the free pattern for the Cosimo scarf works with all three new yarns, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Cosimo Scarf

The Cosimo scarf can be knit with all 3 new yarns.

If you used chenille yarn back in the 90s the idea of returning to it probably makes you cringe. Believe me, I remember those days and how tough those old, fuzzy chenille yarns were to work with.

I can honestly assure you Nerissa is not like that.

The short, tight plush slides over itself easily as you knit without any sticking or grabbing.

The yarn is also durable, as I found out when I had to frog my picot cast on at least twice. There are some cast ons that require too much counting to be compatible with a good TV show!

Cosimo swatch

After one repeat you can already see the pattern.

I was feeling rebellious and didn’t bother to do a gauge swatch. This made my scarf swatch a bit wider than the dimensions in the pattern, but it would just give you more scarf to enjoy. It was also wonderfully soft with good drape. Those qualities will translate nicely into the garments in the Nerissa Book, especially something as dramatic as the Ophelia cape.

Ophelia cape

The Ophelia cape takes advantage of Nerissa's drape.

Having satisfied my knit curiosity I decided to check out Nerissa’s crochet potential.

It seemed even easier to crochet with than to knit. Or maybe it was because there weren’t any picots involved?

Nerissa Crocheted swatch

My Water Wheel motif.

I worked the Water Wheel motif from “How to Crochet” by Pauline Turner, which zipped along quickly.

I see potential for washcloths paired with a nice soap as gifts for friends.

Or, considering Nerissa comes in 12 colors, a fun scarf or shawl made up of motifs of different colors.

The possibilities, as they say, are endless.

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