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Selina Cardigan KAL: Left Front Shaping

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m really zooming along with my Selina Cardigan so far. Last night I reached the point where it was time to start the neck shaping for my Left Front.

A question also came up in KAL thread on Ravelry, which made me think I should pop in with an update today instead of waiting until Sunday.

Setting the Pattern Panels

The question asked on Ravelry was about working the Textured Pattern Repeat in conjunction with the Cable Panel on the fronts. When you are working the Back you are just knitting the Textured Pattern Repeat across the entire row, so it flows smoothy.

As soon as you start knitting¬†Establishment Row 1 on the Left Front you will realize that won’t be the case. Personally, I had a moment of panic that went something like, “Aaahhh! Why isn’t the pattern repeat working out properly?! What have I done wrong?!”

Then I¬†calmed down, took a deep breath, and looked at the pattern again. I realized that I couldn’t think of it in terms of working the Textured Pattern Repeat across the entire row. Instead I had to think of it as knitting three individual, self-contained panels: Textured Pattern Repeat, Cable Panel, Textured Pattern Repeat. In this way, both sections of the Textured Pattern Repeat will start and end on a P1.

It might help to place stitch markers around the Cable Panel to keep yourself on track.

Left Front Neck Shaping

Last night I reached the length where it was time to start my neck shaping. I knit the first decrease row fine, but then my brain locked up and I couldn’t figure out which would be my next decrease row! That’s what I get for staying up knitting past my bed time.

This morning I sat down and made myself a cheat-sheet for the neck shaping. The pattern helpfully provides both a stitch count and a row count at the end of shaping.

The first decrease row isn’t a problem because it is the next row you knit after reaching the correct length. But then the pattern says, “…then 1 st at neck edge foll 3rd rows, 4 (10, 6) times…” (That is where I went, “What?” and decided it was time to go to bed!) St=stitch foll=following

This direction translates to: work two rows even and decrease on the third row, four times. Since you are knitting an odd number of rows, in some cases you’ll be decreasing on a Wrong Side row and in others on a Right Side row. I have attached a stitch marker to my fabric on the “neck edge” so I remember which edge I’m decreasing on. You might want to consider doing the same.

Remember, the Left Front designation is referring to how the fabric will be placed when you are wearing the sweater, not how it will look laying on a table.

With my decreases written out in a little chart I’ll be able to tick off each row as I knit it. I might even be able to recycle this chart for the Right Front with a few little changes. You might want to make yourself a similar cheat-sheet for your own sweater.

At this rate, the next time you hear from me I might be finished the Left Front!

Remember, you can leave questions and comments here on the blog, or in our group on Ravelry.

It’s not too late to join in! We only started on Sunday. Besides, this is a virtual knit along so you can work at your own pace.

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