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Selina Cardigan KAL: Cast On!

It’s Cast On Day for our Selina Cardigan Knit along! Are you ready to get started?

Before you get to far, if you purchased the digital version of the pattern a new PDF became available on Saturday. You should have received an email notice with a link to download the new version.

We made some minor changes to clarify a few points in the pattern to make it more accessible to a wider range of skills levels. For instance, the main pattern stitch for the body of the cardigan is now called “Textured Pattern Repeat” instead of “Pattern Repeat” to make the transition from the ribbing to the main pattern clearer.

Also, we realized the old version of the pattern said to knit the sleeves entirely on US7 needles. Oops! You should start on the US7 needles, then change to the US8 needles after the ribbing.

However, the bodice is knit all on the larger needles. I asked Leanne, the designer, about that since usually ribbing is started on smaller needles. She explained “it was intended to be a straight transition from rib to pattern so as to not draw in too much. You will find a majority of older designs tend to draw in on the bands and more modern will not.”

I thought that was very interesting! Since this looks like it will be a slightly longer sweater, it might be nice not to have the ribbing clinging to my butt. LOL

Review the Pattern

Now, as with any sweater pattern, you should start by orienting yourself to the pattern, and marking it up to make it easier to follow.

First, go through and circle all the numbers pertaining to your size. Cast On, stitches after increasing or decreasing, and bind off amounts. It is easy to glance at the pattern and latch onto the number for the wrong size!

Second, highlight any “At the Same Time” or “On the Last Row” directions so you don’t miss them later on. Hint: there is an “At the Same Time” in the sleeve directions, and you work increases “on the last row” of the ribbing.

Third, review shaping so you know what to expect. The Selina Cardigan is a “drop shoulder” style sweater, so there isn’t any underarm shaping to worry about. However, there is shoulder shaping on the Back. The Fronts have both neck AND shoulder shaping. (This question was asked in our Event on Facebook.)

Ok, now you’re ready to cast on!

Where to start?

The Selina Cardigan, as with most sweater patterns, starts with the Back. I was feeling rebellious and started with the Left Front instead. I wanted to get straight into the cables!

I’ve read that some people will start by knitting the sleeves. They do this in place of swatching. Apparently the idea is that if you have to change needle size at the start of your sleeve it won’t be a noticeable as changing in the middle of the sweater body. I have never tried that myself. Is it a trick you use?

Using stitch markers to bracket your cable panel will make it easier to stay on track. This pattern might look complicated, but I have found it very easy to memorize. The Textured Pattern Repeat” has two rows, and the cable panel has 10. By the time I finished the second cable repeat I had pretty much memorized the pattern!

The Ella Rae Chunky Merino Superwash yarn is soft and springy to knit with. (I’m using color 1005-Mallow Heather.) I’m zooming along. I took this picture Saturday afternoon after an hour or two of knitting. By the time I went to bed I had finished three more repeats!

Did you get an early start on your Selina Cardigan, too? What color Chunky Merino Superwash are you using?

You can leave questions here on the blog using our spiffy new Facebook Commenting system. We also started a thread for the KAL in the KFI Group on Ravelry.

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Click here to see all the colors of Ella Rae Chunky Merino Superwash yarn.

The Selina Cardigan is sized to fit chest 91-107 (112-117, 121-127) cm / 36-42 (44-46, 47 1/2-50)”

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