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Easter is coming, hooray! Hooray! Whether your church follows the Old or the New calendar, Easter is on April 20 this year. If you were planning to put a knit bunny in an Easter basket this year, you better get cracking.

And if you don’t celebrate Easter, you’ll probably still think these stuffed toys will be a cuddly friend for someone in your life.

Most of the rabbits I’m highlighting are by Debbie Bliss. Lucky for you, we’ve been creating digital versions of the early issues of Debbie Bliss Magazine. You can buy these patterns straight from Ravelry right now by following the “Find XXX on Ravelry” links, or through local yarn stores participating in Ravelry in-store pattern sales.

Of course, buying the pattern at your local yarn store means you can get the yarn right away, too!

DB blue rabbitThis elegant Rabbit is knit using Cashmerino Baby yarn. The pattern calls for two balls of the main color and one ball of the contrasting color. There are six new colors of Cashmerino Baby this season. You can make a whole army of rabbits in a rainbow of colors!

Find the Rabbit on Ravelry.

DB Rabbit sweaterIf you are a fast knitter, consider the Small Rabbit with Sweater from issue 2 of Debbie Bliss Magazine.

Once you knit the rabbit you can continue to add sweaters with a seasonal theme!

The body of this rabbit is knit using Rialto DK, a lovely 100% Merino wool yarn. There are 12 new colors of Rialto DK this season. The mind boggles at the possibilities! The sweater is knit using Luxury Tweed yarn.

Find the Small Rabbit with Sweater on Ravelry.

Noro bear rabbitDon’t overlook the Kureyon Stuffed Rabbit from Noro. This classic cutie is a free pattern on our website. It takes just one ball of Noro Kureyon yarn, too.

The Noro Bear is a free pattern, too.

DB Egg coziesIf the people in your life are too old for stuffed animals (is that possible?) dress up your table with the Egg Cozy Sweaters from premier issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine.

They use small amounts of yarn and work up quickly. Even more fun, you can use them as Christmas ornaments or decorations on presents later on.

Find the Egg Cozies on Ravelry.

Katia eggSpeaking of eggs, this crocheted egg is a free pattern from our friends at Katia.

The pattern is in 5 languages. English is the middle one.

Worked in a chunky cotton yarn with an L hook, you should be finished in next to no time.

Noro mag bearOk, now I’m just on a roll pointing out cute stuffed animals.

This plump bear, designed by Erin Slonaker, is from the second issue of Noro Magazine and takes just one ball of Shiraito yarn.

Find the Teddy bear on Ravelry.

Noro sheepThese adorable sheep, also from the second issue of Noro Magazine, were designed by Susan B. Anderson. You should be able to squeeze both out of one ball of Shiraito.

Find the Noro sheep on Ravelry. Visit Patternfish to find the sheep bundled with a baby hat & cardigan for one low price.

Do you enjoy knitting stuffed toys? Are your Easter baskets devoted to candy or are toys also included?


  1. I love all of these stuffed bunnies and bears and sheep and easter egg. OMG i want them all.

  2. LOL! Must knit faster!

  3. Have to find the patterns, next time I go into a yarn shop. Wish I could download them now instead.

  4. Hi Cooperknilts!

    You’re in luck. All the patterns I highlighted are either for sale on Ravelry or free on our website (well, except that last crocheted egg from Katia.)

    If you follow the “Find the xxx on Ravelry” links, you’ll be able to buy the pattern right away.
    For people who don’t have a printer, or Ravelry account, they can purchase the pattern at their local yarn store. Most stores will print it, too.

    Thanks for pointing out that wasn’t clear. I’ll edit my post. 🙂

  5. Katherine McKenna

    April 20, 2014 at 10:43 am

    I just finished the blue and brown rabbit. It was a fun pattern! I’m giving it to Sophia , who just turned one last week!

  6. Happy birthday, Sophia!

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