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Plarko and Sparkie Monsters CAL

The next two monsters have joined the party!

After these two cuties there are just two monsters left in our series of 10 free crocheted amigurumi patterns from FreshStitches.

It’s a good thing they crochet up so quickly or it would be hard to keep up with the invasion!


Plarko is a 12 inch tall bundle of monster love. (7″ tall when seated. I wish my legs were that long in comparison to my body, but then I guess it would take me longer to knit socks.)

Plarko monster

Plarko looks a little surprised.

This little darling is ready to be amazed by your crochet prowess or otherwise lend a sympathetic ear, er, I mean antenna, when hearing about your day.

You can download the free pattern for Plarko here.

Stacey, the design powerhouse at FreshStitches, crocheted her Plarko using Ella Rae Classic Wool color #318-Sky blue, but there are 6 new shades of blue for the fall. Or a ton of other colors you can use.

I love the contrasting color #70-Tango for Plarko’s appendages. If you check out a color wheel blue and orange are considered complimentary colors because they are opposite each other.

These monsters are a good way to experiment with color pairings since they are so quick to make!


Don’t let the other monsters know, but Sparkie is one of my favorites! I’ve been waiting with bated breath for his release so I can get to work.

Sparkie monster

Sparkie might be a robot in disguise!

You can download the free pattern for Sparkie here.

Is Sparkie and alien or a robot? You decide!

Of course you also get to decide on the colors you use.

Red & tan Ella Rae for Sparkie

My Sparkie will be spunky in red!

I plan to use color #337 – Wineberry for my Sparkie’s body and #333 – Sand for his accessories. I haven’t decided what color to use for his top knot yet. I’ll decide when I get there!

Are you having fun crocheting your amigurumi monsters?

Remember to share a picture of your finished monsters on the Ella Rae Facebook page so we can all admire them.


  1. I think Plarko is my new favorite. I just love the expression. 🙂


  3. I think Planko turned out great! I have been knitting sweater for co-workers so hopefully I can make one of these. So cute.

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